Tenants didn't pay full rent.

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My husband and I own a multifamily home where we live in half and rent out half. 

I typically receive a money order from them for rent. I received the money order for 300 shy of their monthly payment. I reached out and said that they were short on rent and needed to pay the full amount. They said that there were two payments in the envelope, a money order and a check. I only saw a money order but now I am worried I over looked a check. I don't see how that would happen but I guess it wouldn't be impossible. 

So my question is now what?

If you didn't cash the check then the money didn't come from their bank account. It may be a stunt by the tenant but if they've been diligent in the past to pay on time / you want to give them the benefit of doubt, have them give you a check ASAP for the remaining amount. What does your lease say for non payment?

If people are paying rent via checks and money orders, that is difficult to track and tenants often abuse mailing delays and things like your describing. I suggest looking into a better system of collecting rent if possible. There are many management websites and rent collecting methods. I use Cozy which the tenant's bank account direct deposits to yours. Less hassle and stress.

Thanks Andrew! We given them plenty of time to pay and they are late often. They have to pay a late fee when they are. We accept payment via check, money order, or online using paypal since we only have one tenant I don't want to pay for an online system... would you recommend only accepting online payments?