What ultimately made you take the first step?

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Hello all! I am a new investor (emphasis on the new ;)) that recently joined BP, and have absolutely loved everything that is being shared and the immense amount of resources and information that is provided - shoutout to the creators! 

As I was going through my daily readings, a burning question came to mind and I was curious to learn from all of your experiences.

What ultimately made you make that first real estate purchase and get into RE investing? 

Just for some context...I am currently working towards saving as much as possible, while I wrap up my journey towards becoming a CPA, but I just get frustrated at times for that fact that I'm not doing more. Questions like: "Should I just go for my first deal?", "Am I losing time?", "What would be an indicator for a good time to go into my first deal?", come to mind on a daily basis. At the moment, on top of school, I work full time and dedicate quite some time on educating myself with RE and RE investing.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

Kind Regards

Victor Souza

Awesome question. I'd say my "why" is what drove me to jump into REI and my first property. One of my macro goals is simply to be able to do what I want, when I want. To me that is freedom. Working my way back down to an actionable step (ie buying my first house), and having the compass of this goal and other macro goals, pushed me to make the move. Now on to the next one.