How to Find my first flip

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Hey guys so i attended a 3 day seminar in February of this year and it completely changed my mindset it was definatly a turning point in my life. Ever since then i've been trying to get my first deal! Ive gotten a couple leads mainly trough direct mail and cold calling, I almost closed on a couple but for some reason or another we where not able to close the deal. By networking and seeking advice from my local more seasoned wholesalers/flippers on facebook i met a seasoned flipper that offered me his help in funding and guidence on my first flip! All he asked of me was that i go out and find a great deal, i've been cold calling and driving for dollars as of now but really need other peoples input on the best route i should take. Whats the most effective way on finding someones first flip? Thanks in advance for all the advice i may get!

My first question is why did the first few deals fall though? 
It sounds like you're on the right track. I would suggest breaking leads into priority scores 1. being the worst deal in a crummy area. 5 or 10 being the homerun I would mail the low scores call the middles and door knock the homeruns to priorities your time! Other then making sure you can get the deal to close its just a numbers game. If you want more deals you need to do more.