Additions to Real Estate license

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I'm completing the requirements to get my real estate license in Georgia. Before starting on my license, I was a teacher for 4 years. I'm trying to give my resume an extra boost with some additional courses/education. I'm looking for some recommendations and advice! Thanks!

Hey bailey, there are a lot of options here. Im assuming you want additional education and certifications to advance your career as a real estate agent? If that's true there are dozens or courses or areas for further education. Negotiation certifications, relocation specialist, buyer agent specialist, foreclosure specialist.. the list goes on. these things all typically come after you've landed the license. good luck!

Thanks @Victor Steffen for your advice. Yes, that’s exactly what I was looking into! It’s always hard start something new and just wanted to make sure I had the tools I needed starting out. Do you have any specific recommendations or do you recommend I wait to continue my education after getting experience! Thanks again!

I wouldn't really worry about getting any designations right now if that's what you are implying to boost real estate resume. I'd focus more on education  involving lead generation, communication involving sales, and sharpen up on standard real estate knowledge ( comping homes, investment lingo, general escrow / closing process, roles of different parties involved in a real estate transaction )

Hi, Bailey! If you are looking to practice real estate and if you were a teacher before, I would not per se be focused on adding anything to your resume. Because it doesn't make a lot of difference to anyone who could bring you on into their brokerage. But I would rather advise you to get invested in the right training and coaching. Because that's really important. There is a lot of people who offer you advice and you don't know who to listen to. So it's very important to have somebody whom you trust and who knows what they are talking about, who can lead you in the right direction for courses and education. Ask yourself: What do I do best, what is my unique value proposition, why do people love me, and how do I get the people who love me to buy from me, essentially? Because that's what we do, we sell, we sell in a good way. Selling is not a dirty word, selling is a good thing that solves people's problems. Selling gives you the opportunity to meet people who know they can trust you. You can help them by finding them a home, which is a fantastic thing. Sell with integrity, which I'm sure you will, and tap into your database to find some people you trust. Good luck!