What’s a quick way to see what a property would rent for?

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I am currently looking to move out of state to house hack. I have been using Zillow to get a basic idea of some of the costs associated with each property. Though when it comes to finding what rents will be, I find myself having multiple tabs open cross referencing similar properties in the area. Because there are so many different factors that can effect rent, It can be a little confusing and tedious. 

BP community, is there a way to stream line this process? Maybe a website that has estimated rents based on zip codes? If you have a system you use, could you please share. 

Thank you so much!

Hey Chase, Great question!

There are a couple of ways that I use to analyze rents quickly.

1. Rentometer is a good website that looks at comps in the area you choose.

2. Look at Craigslist listings to see what rent prices are for similar duplexes.

3. Biggerpockets Insights will be the quickest way I found to get fast and reliable rent prices.

Some of the streamlined databases like Cozy, or BP insights will cost money but also save precious time when analyzing deals.

Good luck!