Does anyone here invest on East and West Coast?

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I'm West Coast first time buyer with a small chunk of cash. It will go further on the East Coast, but I don't know much about the Eastern counties. I drove the the length of the East Coast recently and found one town that I like, but I didn't go far from the inter-state.

I'm curious how many of you live West and invest East.

How do you evaluate a prospective property if you've never seen the neighborhood or town? Are you seeing trends in West to East movement?  South to North?

Hi @Amelia Ghold , you drove from Key West, Florida to Cherrybrook Falls, Maine and found one town you like?!

What are your criterion here? 

There is a critical point of distinction to be made about investing and personal living -- you want to live where it is best to live and invest where it is best to invest.  If you analyze the US based on data you'll find that the costs, east or west, are usually underperformers to the chunky middle of the US in terms of stability and cashflow, though certainly not in apprectiation.

What specifically are you looking for, and why are you looking where you're looking?  Have you considered other locations and methods?