Visiting my first REI property

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Hey BP Fam - I am going to visit my first REI property on site this weekend. I was wondering what the most important questions are to ask the agent on your first visit to the property? I asked the below questions over the phone last night - wondering what else to ask. Do you

-Why is the seller selling? How long has the seller owned the property? 

-Could you tell me the story of the property?

-What is the current occupancy? How much is each tenant paying? 

-Who pays for utilities?

-Is anything wrong with the property? What needs to be fixed? 

Hey Paul,

Wishing you best of luck with your first REI prop.

Questions you have above are legit, I don't want to make short story long I see you already understand some important stuff just would love to tell you to be careful and ask about potential foundation issues and wiring. 

Thank you very much, have a great rest of the day.