Market Suggestions - BRRRRing All-In at or Under 75k

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Hi all. Newbie here looking to do my first BRRRR long-distance and stuck in the Analysis Paralysis stage. I've done all kinds of research as to which states are landlord friendly law-wise, which are seen as "investor friendly"...made all kinds of spreadsheets...but I'm still stuck and figured, why not turn to the BP forums and see if I can't find some advice from those wiser and more experienced than me!

I would like to be able to BRRRR cash-flowing properties and be "all-in" cash at $75,000 or below. Anyone have any suggestions of markets to look into a bit deeper?

@Marissa Wurms you could get away with that in some of the c / d neighborhoods in Chattanooga and Knoxville, with potential for appreciation.

But, you’ll be dealing with bad tenants, high turnover, and pretty old houses. Why not go slightly higher end and be in a B neighborhood with much better tenants and potential for better appreciation?

I started out buying in these cheap areas...hard lessons learned.

A better bet would be 100-150 all in with a property worth 150-20k that rents for 1300-1500.