Is a real estate license necessary ?

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@Kandice Manciel . I'm a licensed real estate broker that originally got his license for investment purposes. What I've found is that I usually do so much research in looking for properties that I would exhaust your regular realtor. I like being able to search the mls for very specific parameters. The mls search engine allows a much mote find grained search capability than you get on Zillow or one of the other aggregators. The research allows me to find properties that I can make money on. Also it's nice to save about 3% every time I purchase and sell a property because I pocket my own side of the commission. For me it's worth it. But bring a broker, not an agent, also cuts down on a lot of costs on having a license since I'm not paying a desk fee or commission split to anyone.

@Kandice Manciel

Hey Kandice this very good question. I would say if you have intentions of wholesaling as investor I wouldn’t suggest getting a license.

If you are looking to build a pandemic proof business I would highly suggest it!

Having a license gives you more tools on your tool belt and as long you continue learning as an agent and as an investor you will likely have more longevity in the business.