Hi, I have a situation and I'm not sure how to move forward. Here is the situation. A lady called from a post card I sent. She said she wants to sale a the home she raised her kids in, which she had given to her son that about a year and a half ago past from cancer. The home is still in her son's name, since her son did not have a will it goes to her and her ex husband. She said that she might do that at Thanksgiving, if she can make herself do it. She told me how difficult it will be due to the emotions. But, needs to because, it's sitting empty and she now lives a couple hours away. 

I want to move forward with getting contractors in there to decide on the repairs, but I feel so bad for her, I don't want to push. And there is the fact that she doesn't really own the property yet, what if she choices to wait?  

Any advice?