Direct Mail Starter Letter

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I plan on doing some direct mail around my area. As a person that owns zero real estate but looking to purchase off market deals I don’t know exactly how to word my letter/ card. A lot of direct mail letters formats are like.. “hey I own real estate and would like to buy your house for cash” and so forth. I just don’t want to turn a potential seller off by admitting I own no real estate. Does it matter?

@Jerad Grace No, it doesn't matter. Just say something like "my name is Jared and I am interested in buying your house at XXX XXXX. I can pay cash and close quickly! Give me a call at 555-555-5555." You don't need to say anything about how much real estate you own or how much experience you have. Good luck! 


I hope you are in a personal crisis and ignorant of the current real estate market pricing. I will buy your house at 60% of market value and quickly resell making a 30% profit at your expense. I hope you will contact me and not consult anyone else with knowledge of your options.