Understanding on how to become a better landlord

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Hello everyone! I am very new into the whole real estate business and am really intrigued on how this all works. I am currently going to school for Real Estate and wanted to know how can I start off with becoming my own Landlord. I have a good credit score for someone my age( I am 21 by the way) and want to know how can I start off and how can I use my real estate knowledge to help promote me to become bigger? Sorry if this is a lot or repetitive. 

Hi Steve it sounds like your real estate knowledge would help you find good deals. When you find one you might consider "house hacking" a duplex so you have 1 side to live in yourself taking advantage of first time homeowner credits, and the other side to rent out so you can learn the process of being a landlord. It helped me a lot once I got my systems in place as a landlord - then it was less work and easier to manage.