What would you do to increase curb appeal?

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My husband and I just bought our first deal, a 5-unit that sits pretty close to the road. Besides upgrading the units themselves, we definitely want to paint the exterior and replace the old deck and patio for curb appeal.  Please feel free to weigh in on the following:

1. What if anything can be done about the ugly wiring (power/telephone/cable?) on the front of the building?

2. What would you put down instead of the green turf? 

3. Is there a way that we can "hide" the recycling bins?  

Congratulations on your first deal!

For the overhead wires, see what ones are in use and which aren't then call those providers to get them off of your house.  I just told mine that I would leave them coiled up at the alley and the came about 2 weeks later and took theirs off the building.  If they are power, you can get a quote to have them buried (it runs me about $70/LnFt on private property and $150/LnFt on public property - St. Louis, MO)

The columns should be beefed up aesthetically, just add some 3/4" trim boards to the outside then another set to frame them out further increasing them from 3.5" square to 6.5" square (see the attached image). Add a faux set of railing from the main posts to the sidewalk edge to give it more of a front porch look on the first floor, this will also help to obscure the recycling bins.  I would cut the newel post caps off and either slant cut the tops on 45 degree angles on four side with a flat spot or get a faux copper cap. Paint the whole thing white. Use as much PVC trim as possible to reduce maintenance. 

Take the turf off and power wash and possible light grid the concrete to get rid of the carpet glue look and that's it - keep it simple and no/low maintenance. 

Even if you built a place for the the recycling bins, I think human tendency would be to move them back near the door for convenience. 

Update the screen door and fix the patio door screen and that will make it look cared for. 

Hope this helps, look forward to seeing the after pictures. 

Awesome job on your first property guys, that's inspiring to hear! Nathan gave a great answer, I wish I was first so I didn't have to follow, ha. But I'd say a fresh coat of paint always does wonders. Maybe update the doors and windows. Lose the turf and just use the concrete. Update the light fixtures on the front of the house. The rocks are fine, I prefer lava but that may be a west coast thing lol. Also is there space on the side of the house to put the recylce bins? And they can just pull them to the front on recycle day? I'm not sure if that's how it works there. Not sure if mailbox is on the street but update that also. Fresh painted numbers on curb if any. Congrats again and hope this helped slightly. Best of luck!

Christopher, also great ideas, thank you.  I just got a quote for $8900 to paint the exterior (and I'll be getting 2 more quotes to compare), but I'm thinking there is just no way to make light blue work in 2021.   Getting rid of the turf will help a lot.  There is space on the side of the house so next time I visit the property (this weekend) I'm going to take a look at that to make sure there is space for 5 bins there. I don't know anything about lava stones, so I'm googling it:)  Getting a clear message on paint-paint-paint.  Thank you!