To many people in RealEstate ?

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Everywhere I turn it seems like people are getting into RealEstate. With so many people joining the industry, should I be worried about jumping in also?

Simply, is there enough opportunity left out there for the first that wants to jump in now?

Yes, there is opportunity. Only if you're willing to go find it. The key is getting past limiting beliefs.

@Ravi Ramphal

Sure there’s a lot getting in but there’s many who will ultimately fail at this too . There’s more people being made everyday and they need a place to stay so don’t let that deter you !

That is like saying “ I might as well live a life of celibacy and be a monk because it seems like everyone around me is dating women and there’s no point looking for a significant other these days “

@Ravi Ramphal there’s plenty to go around. As someone who just got started about 14 months ago, I can say there is absolutely no shortage of deals. I see deals all the time I wish I could do but just can’t because I don’t have the funding yet.

@Ravi Ramphal you're right that there are too many people, but I don't think that means don't do it.

There are a lot of people on here who aren't serious, but if you are actually looking at deals and you are realistic about underwriting them and you understand the costs and revenues and you still want to proceed, then proceed.

@Ravi Ramphal Sorry, you missed the boat! All the deals are gone and no new investors can make money in real estate... How silly does that sound? 

Of course there is opportunity out there. Learn, network and take action. Good luck! 

@Ravi Ramphal hey man, I had this same notion as well at one point in time. The deal with real estate is that oppertunity is unlimited out there. There are many different avenues you can take when it comes to investing and/or being willing and able to help out other investors. Also, the majority of people opt out of this game when things get tough or don't pan out. Those that stick with it and take consistent action are the successful ones. Hope this helps.