MLS access?

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hi all,

i live in middlesex county nj. i can see properties available for sale on and like but how can i get access to information such as :

Sale price: $
Contract Date:
Days on Market:
Closing Date:

Do I have to subscribe to MLS? Where can i do that? Subscription to MLS for middlesex is open to brokers and appraisers only? what about consumers?

thanks a lot

In our area only realtors and appraisers have access to MLS. A realtor friend of mine gave me his access code so I can now look at the coveted and hallowed information for myself. Without the comps it's very tough. Do you know any realtors? You might suggest that if they'll give you the properties that they cannot list because of their poor condition etc. , you will rehab them and in turn list the property with them. Some sort of a deal might be a win-win. :D