What would you do if you were 19?

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Im looking to dive deeper into real estate. Im a full-time freshman in college. Im currently working part-time at a retail store and feel that every second I spend working I'm wasting a second I could be learning a skill. I've been thinking about applying to real state brokerages or property management companies. Im hoping that if I go with this option they would work with my schedule, but that's not the point. And to clarify, Ive thought about getting my license but prefer a w-2 job to get pay stubs for when I need a loan one day.

What are y'alls thoughts? Do you think one option is better than the other? What would you do?


HI @Logan Taylor , first thing I feel compelled to point out is this:  nothing is wasted.  It's not.  There is sizable amount of skill you can gain in the retail setting if you'll work towards it, or you can check out and punt it to something more exciting.  I'd encourage you to look to juice every ounce of learning out of it before moving on.

Specifically in retail you have a situation perfectly paralleled to real estate (agenting and investing) -- everyone that walks into your store doesn't want to talk to you, or if they do then they at least have some suspicions of you at play in their mind.  You've got a matter of seconds usually to establish rapport with that person.  In retail and other sales environments you have repetitions in this built into the game.  You can see this as your job, or you can see it as repetition in building trust fast.  Over. and Over.  This is MASTERFUL training for the rest of your life, and you can get paid something to learn it!

As for investing, if possible have your parents co-sign on a house-hack situation and learn to manage properties by doing.  See if you can move in 1-2 years and repeat the same process.  If you'll do this 5 times or so you'll have made a wave in property ownership and investing experience that will roll nicely into the rest of your life, post 25!