Newbie Investor looking to expand in CV-Cali

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Hi BP Family,

I am new to investing, I am interested in Rehab/flips, and looking for Pro investors in the Central Valley to partner with to learn more about the financing part. I am also looking for private lenders in San Joaquin County area.

What I have to bring to the table?

  • I work in an architectural firm and familiar with the permit process.
  • I can do 3D walk-through of the houses for the marketing.
  • I have construction experience in framing, drywall, tiling, painting. 

If there is anybody interested in a partnership/lender please let me know. 

Looking forward to hearing from the BP Fam!!



@Pawitar Singh Welcome to the site and great place to start while looking for a partner(s). The lenders could be a wider range too, all of California would cast a bigger net for you to get lenders for the property. Also, I would check out and the events page on BP to see some events near you (probably Zoom right now) to meet with more investors/lenders/partners for your venture!