Virginia Meetup? Norfolk area.

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My wife and I live in Norfolk, Va and are looking to invest nearby. We have been trying to get more involved in our local community to network and continue to learn but Covid restrictions seems to be having different plans as Meetups are very limited right now and those still running usually fall in our work hours. 

Is there anyone out there locally that would want to meet up, network, discuss real estate, talk about the current real estate market etc. We are motivated to get out there and connect and learn and want and need to take action! Thanks everybody!

@Arron Achey I don't live in Norfolk, but am looking to invest in the Hampton Roads area. What were you guys thinking of doing? Condo, Townhouse, SFH? Which areas?

I am actually looking at Newport News - around the Kiln Creek or City Center areas.

@Arron Achey

I'll be local in a few months! GF is out there and I'm moving out there (go telework). We're hoping to buy something in the coming months.

I didn't really notice anything for onsite meetups, but if you go to there's a couple groups. Tidewater something or another holds an online meetup like monthly

@Arron Achey The meetups in the Hampton Roads area that I've gone to are TRIG, PREIA, Hampton Roads Investor Group/THINK, and Hampton Roads Landlord Association. All are good and PREIA and Hampton Roads Investor Group both have Facebook groups too. TRIG and PREIA are doing online meetups still.