House hacking in Tampa

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Hi @Precious Luster

I am here in the Tampa Bay area, specifically on the beach-side of town in St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg area is a phenomenal place to live and undergoing massive growth right now. There are also a good amount of small multifamily properties that make excellent house hacks in good neighborhoods. The whole Tampa Bay area provides a great opportunity to house hack in a growing region with affordable property prices. In my (admittedly biased) opinion, St. Pete is a sweet spot of real estate market opportunity plus an amazing place to live and work. 

Best of luck!


Saint Petersburg is a great place to house hack. Lots of students and young professionals looking for rooms. Not too much multifamily available but a lot of my clients end of house hacking a single-family home.

@Precious Luster   I live in Hawaii right now, from Orlando area and plan on moving to St. Petersburg area in August.  I personally think this area is great.  Very historic and up coming.  Like @Alex J. McGathey said it is growing fast.  I bought in November 2020 in Historic Uptown and look at the market everyday and am about to start making offers again to buy another property.  

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to ask.  I am not a realtor or mortgage broker just an investor trying to pay it forward.

There are a ton of options in the Greater Tampa Bay area. 

We have it all...except for mountains and snow.

That said, it depends on what you are really comfortable with, and/or what speaks to you.

The beaches are, of course, more expensive. But you can still work a 4-plex and live in a unit there too. Short-Term Rental laws are complicated, but LTR is pretty straightforward.

If you're concerned about flooding (hurricanes especially), then the beaches aren't for you.

A "Green Acres" scenario may be more your thing, so head east of Tampa to Valrico. It's still a reasonable commute to Tampa, but you can buy a small farm (10 acres or less) and grow strawberries (or whatever else will grow). Raise some chickens too, and sell the eggs.

If manure isn't a welcome perfume, then city life abounds here. We have plenty of colleges - buy a 2/2 split plan nearby and you have an instant no-wall duplex.

If your wallet can handle it, we even have Small Airport communities. Fly to the Keys for the day, then park in your hanger at your house. Or cater to others who are just passing through but don't want to Uber to a hotel.

Mostly, figure out what sounds fun and interesting and poke around at that.

And yes, we do have one facility to practice your snow skiing, and two places you can ice skate (one is in the mall!) if you're really missing the cold-weather life.