Free labor in exchange for flip knowledge / networking. Phoenix

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Hi BP fam,

I moved to Phoenix AZ last summer, and have been wanting to get some exposure/coaching/mentoring in the exciting world of flipping homes.   I have done a lot of self study and research, but I feel that will only get me so far.   Also, it is challenging to network in these weird times.   So, I would like to take a new approach, and offer sweat equity.   I find it motivating to be onsite during a flip project, and be able to pick the brains of the ones running the deal.  In exchange, put me to work!   I am 38 years old, own my own home, and have a good work ethic.   

So, if you have a project in progress, and could use an extra free hand with demo, drywall, running errands, etc. and have valuable knowledge and connections to help a novice trying to get into the biz, message me!

Thank you all,

Stephen P

@Stephen Pettitt Stephen I think what you are offering is fantastic. A way to add value by exchanging labor for knowledge. I will message you on my next flip. I currently have all my capital tied into a flip on 12th st and Maryland. It is set to close 03/26