Invest NOW or wait the madness?

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Every RE market in the country is RED HOT! Is it advisable to dip your feet in this market with multiple bidders and low inventory or ride the wave and wait for a dip in the market ? Would love to hear thoughts from first time investors to veterans. Thanks :)

Hey @Minjal Joshi ! I like to take the long term perspective that real estate has historically risen consistently. If you're looking to buy and hold onto a property, time in the market beats timing the market! The best time to buy was 10 years ago. And before that, 10 years prior :)

From a flipping perspective, now is a great time to sell given the market is so hot. So if someone is able to grab a flippable property and get it listed quickly, the market is very favorable to the sale side right now. That also comes with uncertainty of course, given no one knows when this craziness might end, and it's of course possible that the market drops before someone can get that flip listed.

Just my two cents!