New Investor in Washington State

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Hey everyone, I am relatively new to the world of Real Estate Investing and am looking for tips or lessons you wish you knew when you were first starting out.

My goal is to be financially free as quickly as possible to allow my fiance to quit her job as we start to build a family. I have been reading many different books and still don't feel like I know enough to make my first deal.

Hoping to house hack for the next year or two as I build up my # of properties, but I'm very open to other strategies that have been successful for other investors starting out.

Any advice helps, thanks!

@Taylor Gant House hacking is an awesome option, as you are able to cut your housing expenses down significantly. Which market are you in? depending on the price point of your market, you may be able to get into a multifamily HH or may need to opt for a way to house hack a SFR.