So many TK's to chose from , whom to trust..?

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So I am new to Bigger Pockets community. Am I the only one confused as to the relationship between the different TC co's..? For instance here you can look at properties on Bigger Pockets site..but then on posts there's advertisments for Rent To Retirement, and AirDNA..then there is Norada. So I'm in process of doing research and getting my initial funds together. I have talked with a representative from Rent To Retirement and he was very professional, timely, and patient. However their site is lacking inventory (at least whats viewable prior to pre-approval). I inquired on a listing to find out it was sold. I then found another that initially looked good and when i did research on area (Adamsville, AL) found out has been losing population, income, etc. Meanwhile their website touts that they do market research etc to position you in great areas..must say i'm kind of scared. Is there a site that rates all of the TK's ? Just want to make sure going to be dealing with an honest and reputable outfit. 

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We appreciate the kind words!  That is great to hear you found the initial call with our team informational.  All things considered, I would highly recommend new construction projects for the best overall returns.  This allows you to invest in a brand new property in a high class area that has positive cash flow & about 10% to 20% below market value!  I would highly recommend looking into new construction for a very predictable first investment over an older rehabbed property to start.

Here are some more resources for you to review to see what other investor's experiences have been.  It is very important you find a team that is compatible with you, and align with your overall goals.  As far as dealing with an honest & reputable company, it's all about reputation.  Make sure to connect with other clients that have also invested with that company for a length of time.  I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have.