Rental ads - Littleton / Denver CO

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Hey wanted to see what other investors have been successful using for advertising their rentals. 10 years ago Craigslist did it all, now almost no one is using it for rentals. I use Turbo tenant (who syndicates to apartments.dom,, facebook and others), Zillow and the MLS. Response has been slow the last few weeks and wondering if there are some new locations for rental ads? I did increase my rent, so I understand I may need to drop the price to get more action, but thought I would see what everyone says.

@Kim Penn had my ad, so it must also get populated from turbo tenant or Zillow.  My price is competitive for the southwest Littleton market, It is a gated community and large for a 2 bed 2 bath condo that is 1307 Sq. ft., so at $,1890 / mo. it is at the top of the rental range.