I'm an 18 year old with about 20k saved and want to invest in RE?

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My name is Connor Seymour, and for the past couple years I have gotten very interested in investing in both the stock market and RE. I know the market is generally overvalued right now, especially around Louisville KY where I currently live, so I am not super fond of buying in right now. With that being said, I want to start learning from people who actually invest and know what they're doing. If you have any tips on where to start or with what resources, it would be greatly appreciated!

@Connor Seymour hi Connor great job saving up a good amount of money, you should start reading the book on finding and funding great deals it’s a great resource for learning how to analyze a market and targeting to find hidden deals, they’re still a lot of good ones out there you just have to know where to look.

@Connor Seymour

Hey Connor, it’s great that you’re already saving for your future!

One thing to consider with some of these bank loans, FHA or 203k specifically, they're going to be looking for 2 years of stable income from your career, so depending on your resume, that could deter you a bit.

You can always get a co-signer or a partner to cover for that.

Either way, keep saving and maybe find some investors in your market and see how you can help them.

Exposure is going to be the best thing for you at 18.

Best of luck bro!