Current active duty Army, seeking beginning guidance

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I am completely new to this, yet super eager. I am active duty Army, but I will be getting out soon. I have a unique opportunity as I will have about 4 months of paid leave to start this journey. I am looking for any tips, insight, or suggestions as to where to begin my investment journey. I greatly appreciate the help. 

Hey brother, 

Being active duty military myself, you have some advantages when considering entering the REI space. I would consider next steps; where you want to invest, what is your criteria, what is your GOAL? Create that vision map of where you see your REI portfolio, even if you don't have the whole picture, its nice to figure out the first step.

You have access to your VA loan, a 0% down option for service members/veterans. This would be a good option to get your first property once you've figured out answers to the above questions and looking for houses in a market that you choose.

However, all of this should be after you have a sound understanding of REI itself! Knowledge is power in this game and the more time you invest in researching the ins and outs of real estate, reading books, listening to podcasts; the easier it will be to take that next step and score your first deal!

The journey is amazing and you will be surprised what you can accomplish!

Best of luck!

Semper Fidelis.

@Hunter Smithey

@Chris Tarpey hit the nail on the head. Start devouring all content you can get on the topic of REI and surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. Let me know what topics you want to read on, and I can send you some suggestions. That being said, I would start with The Miracle Morning, Simple Path to Wealth, Vivid Vision, How to Invest in Real Estate. Those books give you a solid foundation in mindset, mapping out your goals, general REI information, and other financial education I wish I knew earlier. 

Have you looked into the Skillbridge program. Essentially you work with the industry for the last six months of your contract. Below is a link for more information. 

Do not hesitate to reach out!