Is building new construction profitable in MA today?

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I am thinking of getting in single family home new construction since an opportunity has come my way. But I am having trouble finding good sources of info for my area specifically. If anyone is from MA, specifically Worcester county, what are the costs I will need to consider to build a 2000-2250 sq ft home? I know that costs vary in terms of construction from site prep  to utilities (or lack thereof) to finish work, etc, but is there a good rule of thumb I can work off of? If not, how do builders estimate cost of building? Also, does anyone have any opinions on modular vs stick built? 
Thanks in advance!

@Gert Dervishaj I would love to hear from someone with experience in this.  I have been looking into new builds and have a few projects that might fall soon.  The costs I am getting is anywhere from $140 - $160 per square foot to build a stick home

Hi @Jason, Is that finished cost per sqft? Or cost for the bones (framing, roofing, siding, foundation, etc)? I am speaking with modular builders as well but it has been difficult to get some numbers. I know cost of lumber is way up so prices have climbed too.