Burst pipe - who pays?

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Tenants left water in the hose pipe. They should have disconnected the hose from the outside faucet. The water froze overnight and burst a pipe in the basement ceiling. Who pays? Landlord (me), tenant, or insurance? Thanks!

Sorry, you do.  The repair will probably not cost enough to exceed your insurance deductible, but you can get some bids and consider filing a claim if it exceeds your deductible .

Hey Mark,

We just had a lot of this happen in Houston in February during the hard freeze. 

In a case of clear neglect, then you can go after the tenant, but in most cases it's going to result in finger pointing. 

When you can't clearly prove it to be the tenants fault, we have found the best solution is to split the cost between the owner and the tenant. No one is happy but it's better than getting stuck with the bill. 

Best of luck!