Interview Lenders for Future Loans

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I'll be calling around to see what lenders I might be working with in the near future, so my question is:  What are some good questions I should be asking?  What are some "traps" I might do in the interview that would turn a lender off in working with me?  Basically, what am I looking for?  I'll be doing both cash out finance of BRRRRs and/or as low as I can down payments, all for buy and holds

As a lender, I can give some guidance!  
There shouldn't be any "traps" that you need to worry about.  Any lender should earn your business, and if you find that its hard to find one, then keep calling around.  It is good to shop a couple when refinancing.  Find out about realistic turn times, closing costs (all of them!), and in general where there rates are and if they charge for that specific rate.  Find out your $0 cost rate and lower rates with a cost.  This will be very helpful when shopping around.  If you have a hard time finding someone, let us know!