Newbie thinking about the Rochester NY market.

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Hi All,

I’m a newbie looking for the right deal for our first investment property.

I keep getting drawn to Rochester. I am not from the area but the prices look good and there’s a couple of good uni’s there.

Anyone got any advice on the Rochester market for a buy and hold strategy?

Thanks and stay safe.

@Chris Lawlor We've looked there and they are affordable on price. However, make sure you pick the right areas to invest in. Some areas are rougher than others.  Also, really pay attention to property tax. The property may be cheap but the property taxes may totally take the deal from a good deal to underwater.  

Best of luck!

Hi Chris,  I'm an active buy and hold investor in the Rochester, NY.  Like any market, there's good and bad.  Too much to list in this thread but I'd be happy to converse via DM or hop on a call.  Feel free to reach out.