Colorado Real Estate Reciprocity

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Hello all,

I have a Washington real estate license. But I have never practice real estate in Washington or hung my license with anybody there. I'm now in Colorado. I have two questions when looking at the reciprocity requirements (3rd option, since I've had my license for less than two years).

1. In Washington we don't have a Real Estate 'Salesperson' license. It goes 'Brokers License', 'Managing Brokers License', and 'Designate Brokers License'. What is a 'Salespersons' license in CO. Do you have to have a Salespersons license before getting a Brokers license or is it a completely different thing. I have heard some states have different naming conventions so that's what's confusing me. 

2. Since I have never hung my license in WA would I even have a 'license history'? What qualifies as 'license history'?

Thank you in advance for the answers. I have tried finding information on this online, but to no avail.

@Tobias Rebant most likely you will be an Associate Broker and will have to work under a Managing Broker or Employing Broker for 2 years before you can test to a higher level. You can submit your question to the Colorado Real Estate Commission and they will fill you in. Where are you in Colorado?