Section 8 Bellevile, NJ

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It's not really about Section 8 tenants as they are all different. Section 8, if you know what you are getting, is pretty solid for many investors. It's not my bag, but I know plenty who do it well. Belleville is rapidly appreciating and undervalued in general because it touches Newark, but since Bloomfield is literally at peak value, Belleville has been rising well. I'm not sure where you are looking in Belleville, but Section 8 provides some security and management in any area around here.

@Pedro Del Orbe

Are you looking to place section 8 tenants in Belleville?  If so, I would tell you to do your homework on section 8 as there are pros and cons to renting to Sec 8 and you want to make sure you are aware of everything. I have property in Belleville and for context I also have section 8 tenants in Newark.  I don't do Sec 8 in Belleville because we have no problem finding quality tenants in Belleville.  I'd be interested to hear what kind of questions you have to see if Section 8 makes sense for you