brief comparison of various turn-key RE companies

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Hi everyone  -  I have a few condos I had purchased on my own in CA over the past few years, but now looking to buy some more rental properties outside of state  and so figured its best to get some professional help.  I have been researching (reading, podcasts, talking) to various RE companies that offers such turnkey services - and each day I'm discovering new ones, thanks to targeted  ads in social media coming at me based on my searches :)  - so it is a bit overwhelming trying to sort through.
I was wondering if anyone on this forum has a compiled list of such providers (at least the popular ones) with some key information about them like how long they've been in biz, contact info, what are their key markets of focus, what is their main strategy (cash flow vs appreciation or both), what services they offer (mainly provide references to the pieces you need like financing, property management etc or do most of it in house), what is their commission/biz model etc.     If such a xls or google sheet exists,  would have been a big help to do a quick compare based on my personal criteria/preferences and narrow down who to pursue a partnership with. 

any advice/inputs appreciated.


Turnkeys are definitely a very trending topic on this forums so if you type in any of the companies in the search bar, you will find multiple posts on them. Some of the most discussed on these forums would be Rent to Retirement and REI nation.

I worked with Martel Turnkey but they are only based in Cleveland and Memphis. Let me know if you want to connect and chat about the purchase process with them.