I am a former Army Officer turned internal medicine physician recently out of residency training looking to get serious about developing my portfolio. I am a voracious reader (slash youtube video watcher) and thanks to BP, I have been able to acquire the basic technical knowledge required to identify, assess and initiate a deal at a fairly rapid clip over the past few months. Now I need some help getting the training wheels off!!

I am currently working on building a strong base of capital through my medical career. As an internist, I typically work 7 days on/7 days off which essentially gives me the opportunity to have 2 careers at once (and the freedom to add on shifts as necessary to quickly fund a deal if needed). I’m passionate about medicine and it is an extremely rewarding profession, but the emotional weight of being a healer takes a toll. Real estate is a new hobby of mine that I hope will grow into a means to support my children and grandchildren throughout their lives.

My wife has worked in luxury multi family real estate for the past 11 years which fully supported my family throughout medical school and residency. She currently serves as regional manager for a portfolio of class A properties in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and works closely with some of the largest investors in this market.

I plan to start small, but quickly and scale up. As I practice running numbers and scenarios through, I’m often left with little details that need to be fleshed out a bit more thoroughly before making my first offer. Although my wife has many connections in the industry, I’m more interested in a few close contacts to bounce ideas off of and help navigate the smaller markets where I can get some skin in the game!