Washer / dryer options

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I'm considering different washer / dryer options for my rental that already has the necessary hookups. Options so far are don't provide those appliances, provide them and raise rent, or provide them for a separate monthly fee.

I'm new to this so I'm not sure if all of those are viable / smart options to consider. Also, I don't know how much additional rent or monthly fee is typically charged.

Thanks for the help!

In my rental the washer and dryer are a tight fight (difficult to physically get them in and out), left there from when I lived there. They work just fine, so I put a clause in the lease: Tenants are welcome to use the washer/dryer there- but if it needs repair or maintenance they can fix them at their own cost or replace them with their own. At which point I will remove the broken set and fix or sell them. If they are damaged by the tenant they are charged a replace or repair fee. This allows the tenants to "choose" to use what I have already there, while taking any responsibility for their repairs off of me. It's been 10 years with only 1 or 2 issues on the washer, and none since the 3 years of renting. No one has suggested me removing them to put in their own.