Looking for a Mentor

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Hi everyone. I am a 36 year old Architect from NYC working for a local firm on commercial interiors and small retail projects looking to get into real estate investing. Married with kids and another one coming. I am reading the books, listening to the podcasts, putting in the time ( as much as a full time job will allow) but there is something to be said about finding a person to bounce ideas off of and really learn the ins and outs based on hard earned experience. Nothing like hearing it from a person whose done it, who can share some wisdom. Any ideas, suggestions for how to go about finding that person. Thanks

Hey @Stanley Kutsovsky  This is actually really challenging to do. My mentor is my real estate agent. He is an investor with 30+ units. He invests in exactly what I invest in and in my area. I met him while taking action. Before I met him I already had the plan set in motion. You have to add value to them in some way. He ended up selling me 3 properties. So he made the commissions on that. I will never be able to pay him back for the value he brought to my life.

Through his contacts he got me in a magazine, put me in his book oh and helped make me a millionaire starting with 30k lol.

A true mentor will be financially free likely and no matter what you pay them it won't really matter as they don't need the money and will value their time and freedom too much at that point. My guy now has a brokerage and a team and just travels off passive income lol. Why would he mentor someone new?

At local meetups you should be able to find people taking action and striving towards similar goals. Add value to these people in those circles. You can find a mentor or two there.

Good Luck