Seeking Meetup Groups in Central Jersey

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Hello, my name is Jaden and I am currently learning about Real Estate Investing, as are all of you considering that you are on BiggerPockets.  I am looking for some sort of meetup group/club/workshop that meets in person somewhere around Central Jersey.  All of the other forums are either out of date, or provide webinars.  I have attended countless webinars and I feel as if I need to get a little more hands on.  If you do happen to have a great group that works online, I am not opposed to joining that as well.  I am finishing up my second semester of college and am now on summer break, so I have nothing but time and energy.

Good Luck on your search. I currently run a meetup in Connecticut called Real Estate is Life. A bit out your way but the content is gold. Built an empire and retired at 35 years old.