Hello, I'm a RE investment newbie. Ready to learn!

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I'm new to real estate investing - like, as in I'm learning and haven't started my first investment yet. Would anyone be willing to send a book/blog/resource referral for solid content on 'real estate investing 101.' 

Happy to learn!


What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow - Read this for the numbers

Millionaire Real Estate Investor - Read this for the mindset

Message me if you need anything else!

Hey there @Dennis C. Bost II ! This is super generic, but most everything under the "Education" tab here on BP is very helpful.  If you want the basics, Rich Dad Poor Dad is a classic to get you in the mindset of investing, but doesn't teach a whole lot compared to other books.  The Real Estate Rookie Podcast on here is a great resource, as well as all of the podcasts to be honest.