To invest or To continue waiting..

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get my real estate investing hat back on, however I'm hitting some personal roadblocks. Let me start off with saying I don't want to share this information for someone to ridicule me, tell me how I'm financially screwing myself, or any other degrading comments. I am just trying to see if there is a more creative way to get capitol to invest or if I should even be investing at all with my situation.

: I am currently an Active duty military member that has recently went through a divorce again and absorbed $30k in credit card debt that is now about to be in collections, I am having to pay $1000/month in child support for my son, and due to previously losing income and having to start saving for a nest egg of transitioning out of the military, I had to Voluntarily repo my vehicle and get a beater which has made my credit score take a nose dive to the mid 500's (I used to have 740-760 before all this divorce stuff happened). I currently live and own a 3/2 SFR (owned it for about 1.5 years) with mortgage of $845/moth, and house hacking having a roommate that is paying me $610/month (includes half of average utilities). After getting money taken away from me I am slowly recovering my nest egg and emergency fund that I had to drain due to unexpected issues and expenses (when it rains it pours). Now my girlfriend and I are both in love with real estate, she has recently become a real estate agent (I will be following suit this fall starting school to become one as well) and we both understand the amazing investment vehicle RE can be. Lastly, her and I both currently lack capital to put money down on any kind of loan whether that be HML, PML or traditional. My question for everyone is, Do we just sit and squirrel away money to hopefully build up enough capital to put the typical 10-20% down for loan while simultaneously fixing up my current property to prep it for being a STR, LTR or for sale eventually down the road OR is there someone out there that has way more creative thinking than we do to start our real estate investing journey with little to no money down (yes we have tried to reach out to friends and family to see if they would partner on possible deals).

Thank you in advance for any input!

@Kyle Falkenstein

I'm sorry that you are going through all of this, but it sounds like you have a positive mindset, and that's great! My advice is always more conservative in nature. I would find that paying down the credit card debt as quickly as possible should also increase your credit score. From my understanding, banks will not lend you unless you have over a 640 credit score (I would check). 

As for creative strategies, have you looked into seller finances? Several BP podcast episodes walk you through sell finances, but I like Real Estate & Financial Independence with Coach Carson. He does a great job of explained seller financing in a two-part podcast. 


@Joshua McMillion Yes sir, its all about that PMA. I'll see what I can do with working a deal on the CC's, however I need to still rebuild and continue to grow my emergency fund and nest egg when I exit the Corps mid next year. I am still paying on some unsecured debts in hope to maintain some credit worthiness. You are correct traditional financing institutions usually require 620-640 minimum. It doesn't hurt ask, the worst is they say "no" and I'm used to that anyways lol.

I have looked and thought into seller financing! It seems like a viable option if the seller would finance 90-100% of the deal and traditional 30 year amortizing loan w/o the 5-7 year balloon term tied in. If they required the 5-7 year balloon payment, with my credit score I would be unable to refinance due to my credit score, which is also why I haven't attempted hard money lending either. Regardless, that's on me w/ just being straight with the seller and explaining my situation in a nut shell of why I need them to seller finance the traditional way w/ a higher interest rate of course and SOME money down. Once again, the worst they can say is "no"

Thank you for taking your time to respond. I also appreciate education opportunity you shared with me about the Coach Carson seller finance podcast. I will definitely check that out on my way home from duty this morning.

Thanks again,


I would work on getting your debt sorted and credit score back to where it was.  I don't know how long you've been dating your girlfriend, but if you plan on buying anything together, do it as partners and have lawyer write up a contract.

You're planning ahead (getting a used car, house hacking, etc).  It just takes a bit of time to rebuild things.

@Kyle Falkenstein you have a ton of resources that most civilians do not have. Utilize a VA loan or relocate to Texas and use Texas Vet Loan program. There are also other programs active servicemembers and veterans can utilize. Just reach out to your VA case worker if you're in transition or HR if you're still active. Also, many lenders are understanding to military members with credit challenges.