Are Expireds and FSBO's a good strategy in this market?

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I am just starting out as a real estate agent and want to find good business. I understand that cold calling expired and FSBOs has never been easy but it has at least consistent results. With our current market though is anything really expiring? Would it be an even larger use of time to get a listing from one?

I want some good lead gen strategies and I'm willing to cold call but seriously how much does this work when houses are selling super fast?

Thanks for any help!

I'd target expireds to start out. I would also target certain neighborhoods that are within your territory. Look up Ricky Carruth on the approach. It is a numbers game on calls. Get a dialer and dial away

I'd recommend checking into some different coaches and their strategies. A lot of people still cold call, but it's never been a strategy that I was interested in. Some people also do really well with open houses. My brokerage focuses more on building relationships and sphere of influence for lead gen.

There are a million gurus that will sell you on a coaching method, but you can learn plenty from podcasts/youtube and books. You can also look into stuff like The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. 

With the current lack of inventory if a listing expires it would have to be outrageously overpriced. I've heard of sellers getting more than 80 calls the day after a listing expires. It won't be easy. But not impossible. 

Most RE agents start out working with buyers, then years later when those buyers are ready to upgrade, that's when more listings come. Listings are tougher to get, especially starting out. If you're willing to do some lead generation you could try joining a team. Do the grunt work in the beginning, make a small cut, and grow your knowledge and contacts.