To fuss about the little imperfections on our siding renovation?

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This is our first rodeo to do a big repair like this. Our siding contractor sent me this attached picture of the ongoing project and I noticed those little cracks on some siding boards(near the tan colored corner post). Most of those siding boards came with the sale of the property. The seller stored them in the backyard so they got rained and all that. Are those too little of imperfections I should just ignore them or shall I ask the contractor to fix them? I don't want to be unreasonable (but I paid him $20K for this job:) .  I will really appreciate your advise.

If you don't say something your contractor will assume the job is to your standards.  If you use him/her again in the future you will get the same quality. 

@Waylon Zook , there are little chips on 11th and 14th siding board if you count from the bottom ( the line is not straight). It's most likely because the siding boards has deteriorated. But isn't his responsibility to check the materials before he use them? During the bid I just told him that there are some siding boards at the backyard. And his estimates just wrote" you have most siding there, looking at  $2,000 in materials missing". What do you suggest I do? I will greatly appreciate your help.

@Jona Santiago from what im hearing you were aware that you would be short on the needed quantity material? Was there any kind of understanding as to what boards were or were not be used?

I guess a few ways to look at it is would you be happy if he would have rejected half the boards because they were not grade A and you had to buy more?

Another thought is does it actually matter as far as functionality (shedding water) of the siding or is it only the appearance you have concerns about?

Depending on the neighborhood it may not be worth the extra cost of new boards if the existing are doing the job as I bet a lot of people will not even notice. Its difficult for me to tell by the pictures but quality of materials can have a HUGE impact on the finish product. Contractor may have assumed since you were willing to use the material in the backyard you would not be as concerned about appearance.

Personally I hate installing materials I do not have control of selecting and have walked away from projects as it is not worth the heartache of missed expectations.

Hope this helps and best of luck!