Difficulty securing contractors

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There is an extreme shortage of skilled workers, schools have done a great job at convincing people that college is the only way to make a living the last couple decades. 

You nailed it. I can find 20 lawyers, 10 web developers and 3 othro docs easier than I can find a skilled electrician, plumber and HVAC tech.  If I were king for a day, skilled trades would be as important and any PhD and have a solid retirement plan. And it is only going to get worse.  Drive by and housing job site and you will see hardly any young white/black people learning a trade. What a mess we Americans have created.

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@Mike Reynolds

That’s exactly what I said, less the comment about plumbers and electricians

 I know exactly what you said. I was replying to Jim. You can keep the credit for your comment. No arguments here. 

My point was they have been trying to do away with the pluming license lately. 

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Don't forget that what happens on your job, is your responsibility. Lawsuits are just the tip.

Careful that you don't have people ordering materials and charging them to the job.

You pay them for labor and material, and before you know it, you find there is a lean on the property for that material!

Careful what you pay for, as it may be just what you deserve....

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Who exactly needs a permit for painting? What a lame example to use. Seriously.

I know what I’m talking about. I’m a licensed General Contractor in the state of GA. You have to sign an affidavit in GA starting it is your legal residence AND that you intend to live there for 2 years post work to pull any permits. Lying on a state document is a class B Felony in GA punishable by 3 years in the state slammer.

Go for it.

In some states such as Texas, Contractors are not required to be licensed and can pull permits.  Only specific trades are require licenses 

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