Looking for group to grow and share ideas with!

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Hey everybody! I'm doing it! About to pull the trigger on my second property (my first was househacking my primary residence) and I'm looking for people that want to get together and run ideas by each other. I have been noticing people in my life have absolutely zero interest in real estate and need some new friends! I'm in the Boise, Idaho area! Let me know and we can swap info!

@Brycyn Campbell You will find that a lot. People that don't have the mindset for it don't care enough to want to learn or listen. There are several great meetup groups in Boise. I'm sure someone from Boise can chime in to get you connected. There are several great agents out that way who are here on BP as well.

There are several meetups here in Boise, ID that I find a lot of value in! There’s one every Thursday at 9am that is hosted by Sam Martin that has soooo much experience in real estate investing. He’s done just about every strategy. There’s one just barely switching over to in person meetings on Tuesdays at 9am that is hosted by Kevin Caroll and Cameron Williams that is super good too. The first one is called Idaho Real Estate Masterminds and the second is Boise Investor Group. There are others too- these are just what I started out with that helped me get other connections! 

Welcome! Like @Megan Herrington said, there's a number of meetups in the Boise area. Another one is the Treasure Valley Area Real Estate Investor Club (TVA-REI Club) meeting that's every other Thursday at 6pm. Next one is this coming Thursday I believe!

Hi Brycyn,

I've been to the meeting that Megan referenced and it was good - I was impressed by how well Sam was able to run a meeting and make it engaging. That's a hard thing to do.

I don't mind networking events and there is a lot of value in them, but I'd also like to meet other local people without the pretense or expectation that those relationships be likely to develop into some sort of business arrangement. I'd be more into a happy hour group that you can bounce ideas off of/share tips and tricks. Maybe we should start one =p