Monthly Dallas area Meet-up/Happy Hour

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I'm just starting out and would like to build a network of like-minded people in the REI path. I'm unaware of any current BP Dallas meet-ups, but I think a monthly meeting like this could benefit everyone in REI. It could be a Happy Hour on a Friday afternoon in a casual environment like Katy Trail Ice House Outpost in Plano where they have lots of tables and space to get a drink, gather, meet and talk real estate. Open to suggestions!

@Mark Tacazon

DFW area must be the REI meetup capitol of the world. Lots and lots of meetups here in the area. If you get a regular group, let me know and I'll add it to the list.

Please note I am not affiliated in any way with any of the groups other than that I have attended some of their meetings/presentations.

NTAREI- Normally meets about 2x a month in North Dallas at the Holiday Inn at Preston and LBJ NE corner. Some vendors present. Probably 20-120 in attendance depending on the topic. Meeting is normally on Thursday nights, occasionally on Tuesdays, and some full day Saturday seminars. Organizer is Roger.

Texas Tuesday DFW Real Estate Mastermind- First Tuesday of the month is Lewisville/Carrollton area. Starts at 7pm. Venture X Lewisville - The Realm at Castle Hills. Great energy with this group. Tends to attract a younger /trendy crowd.

1REClub- Fort Worth based with the organizer Jimmy Reed. Traditionally has met at Best Western Suites, 2000 Beach St., Fort Worth, Texas 76103 on Thursday nights.

DFW REI Club – – Meets about twice a month, normally on Saturday morning from about 9am-12noon at Hampton Inn -1600 Hurst Town Center Dr, Hurst, TX 76054. Seems like about 20-50 people present when I have attended. Organizer is Robin Carriger...super nice and knowledgeable guy.

IMPACT Meets about once a month in various places around Grapevine, Denton. Typically on the 4th Monday of the month in the evening about 7pm. Organizer is Sherry Patterson. I’ve been and there was a great group of people there...about 40 or so and a handful of vendors.

Texas Investors Club – - Meets about once a month on the 3rd Tuesday in Carrollton. Organizers are Samuel and Ashton Richardson.

Lifestyles Unlimited - - a membership only group but certainly adds lots of value for their members. There can be big costs to join this group, but if you follow the system and need a lot of mentorship, it might be worth the investment. Nice way to move up into syndications once you have a nice capital reserve.

Dallas REIA Live - -Meets about once a month in Dallas and Grapevine. Organizer is Shenoah Grove.

Quest - https://www.questtrustcompany.... Meets about 1-2x per month. Often on Wednesdays at 12noon. Specializing in how to use your investment accounts to invest. So get your 401k and HSA and other self directed accounts ready.

MLSIQ- meets mostly online right now 1-2x week. Variety of topics with different experts.

West DFW REI Group- Check their online calendar for meeting times. Some Tues/Thurs/Saturdays.

REI Connections DFW- Meets 1st Saturday of the month 8am.

@Mark Tacazon yeah, tons and tons of meetups.  Tons of facebook groups too. is a great place to go.  Many groups will post in the market forum on Bigger Pockets.  Just join some of these and you'll start getting connected.