REI clubs

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I would rather you google for clubs in your area. Biggerpro, I know you're a mod and all but you Investment Club Directory lacked my area completely and they are pretty active. ADD IT!

Just google your city/town/county/state and REI or REIA.

All investor clubs are not created equal. There is really only one good club that I have found in Austin. The rest of the venues are pretty lame from experience.

The trouble is that you have to check them all out unless you can get a recommendation from someone you trust that has been in the field for some time.

It would be very cool to see a recommended club for each city on the BP site. This would save newbies a lot of time by leveraging the resources on the forums.

Most REI groups post their info on the internet - operate for awhile then fade into the woodwork as they no longer fulfill a need for their members. They forget to take the info off of the internet so you spin your wheels trying to get in touch with them. Then you have the ones that charge an arm and a leg to join as well as bombard you with books, tapes, and seminars to attend for additional costs! The Library is the poor mans college along with Border's & Books a Million!