Starting out, buying out of state.

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Hi @James Devoe ,

This really comes down to your business plan in my opinion. A few questions to ask yourself:

- What are your timelines?

- How "active" vs "passive" do you wish to be?

Food for thought, if we bough in NYC, we all would have made a boat load doing nothing and making it on appreciation. I am a big believer in appreciation vs finding a good cash flow property. 

You may want to consider areas such as Cape Cod, MA or nearby states are there are plenty of opportunities not too far from you. 

Best regards,

Joe Marini

@James Devoe , no problem!

Yes, I am definitely happy to assist you further with this. I would love to bounce ideas back and forth further with you and then try to align a property with your investment goals in mind. 

Please contact me directly and let's set up a phone call or zoom!

Thank you!