Denver Flip Not Selling - Options?

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Originally posted by @Jamie Salyer :

In regards to the Garage issue, I have learned a couple HUGE lessons here that I will post in case it helps others. As a long term broker I know not having a garage just means you have to price it lower and/or it will take longer to sell.  One of my huge lessons is that we bought it with the plan of building a garage, comped it that way and trusted that the GC knew Denvers codes. I am the kind of person who takes accountability, so I'll just say with such a big item, I should have made sure it would not be a problem with permitting. I will always check codes etc myself in the future until I have a GC that I have a very solid relationship with. LESSON LEARNED :)

With that said, I am looking for a GC in Denver. 

Hi Jamie, renovation looks great so at least the contractor has that going for them. It sounds like you’ve been focused on the day to day for this for months now so I bet the situation isn’t as dire as it feels in the moment.    I know I’ve been there, this month construction drama, next month tenant or buyer drama but you are almost at the finish line. Take it one month at a time - in the grand scheme of things one extra month of mortgage payments (even at a higher rate) may not be so bad. 

The garage issue sounds like a planning department code issue, rather than a building and safety code issue. I’d expect my contractor to know the latter, so things like what size drain line to use but for things like set backs that would be better suited under the scope of an architect or similar role (and even they get it wrong some times too!). Best bet moving forward is to email the city planners yourself with what you would like to do at the specific address (so you have a paper trail). In my experience they can be very helpful, even suggesting work arounds to certain restrictions. 

Good luck, I bet by Thanksgiving this will all just be a fun battle story. 

Thanks for the great vote of confidence and encouragement David Arsene!! I really appreciate it and I'm sure you are right. 

It hasn't discouraged me though...I'm eager to start anew with my next project after this sells. 

also, the roof doesn't look great from the pics, so be prepared to negotiate on that one as well (if the buyer's inspector knows what he's doing). nobody installs 3-tab shingles if they're looking for quality. 

@Jamie Salyer I am just catching up on this and see you are under contract now! Congrats! That was a beautiful remodel. I have a home in that same neighborhood (my grandmas house I bought from her), so I used to walk by that house all the time! I have since moved to Frisco in the mountains. I flipped one in that same area last year and found the garage issue to be a similar issue. Good lesson learned for the future! 

Candice De

It is so great to hear from you! And thank you for the compliment, I do agree, the remodel was amazing. I ended up dropping the price (as you probably saw) and we got it under-contract. As soon as it sells I'll be looking for another in the area but I live and do real estate primarily in the Vail Valley. I'd love to stay in touch....we have so much in common. 

What was your grandmas address? Id love to look it up.