How to Start as Beginner?

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Hello All BigPockets Memners,

I hope all are doing well. I am really excited to join this platform and I have aspire to become real estate investor. I live in Dallas Area but open for learning how I can invest in other states as well. Right now, I would say do not know anything about real estate. Please suggest me where to start and how to move forward. 

Thanks in advance,

Sanket Prajapati

Listen to the podcast and other real estate related podcasts, read a few real estate books, go to local networking events, and focus on your long term goals. Know what you want to get out of your real estate investments! Remember that most of us started much like you are right now.

Hey @Sanket Prajapati  

Welcome to BP. I would ask yourself what do you want real estate investing to help you achieve? Once you have that answer you can start reverse engineering from that goal and take steps towards achieving it. The most important thing to do is take action towards your goals. 

All the best with your investing!

@Sanket Prajapati Taylor L hit the nail on the head would agree with him! Welcome to BP and good luck!

Consistency your not going to learn everything in one day but consistent action is the best way to learn just stay with it and take action and you will learn!!

Welcome to BP, Sanket! 

I would highly recommend educating yourself on all the different niches of real estate, to begin with. The best information will be from those that are active in the space. Attend meetups, offer to take people out to lunch, read up on forums like this. Once you have an understanding of what the landscape looks like and what path looks the most interesting to you in the long run, then narrow your focus and go all in. DFW is one of the best places to start because there are so many groups and local events that you can attend and get connected in the space. 

Put yourself out there, work hard, be patient and you'll make it happen. Good luck! 

Thank you so much @Hayden Harrington and @Thomas Corley for valuable tips. I have started reading various articles, attending meetups and listening podcasts for beginners. My plan is to learn fundamentals of real estates and different techniques and dip in more which interest me the most and align with my goals as Hayden mentioned. I really value this platform and responses from experienced Investors like you all and willingness to help!