New Member; Seeking Lawyer(s) and CPA

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Dear all,

I am very new, and I have been quite impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness I have seen from member posts. I am grateful to have found this community!!

My name is Marian. I live in Salem, OR. My main goal is to find good deals, in Oregon and in other states, and primarily do BRRRR. However, my goals may change and/or expand as I learn more.

I have lots of questions, and I will be posting more questions. I wanted to start with these 2.

  1. 1.  Does anyone know a really good CPA in Oregon? I am thinking like those who are recommended in the book “Tax Free Wealth,” but maybe a step down or 2. My understanding is that their retainers are around $10,000, and while I am sure they are well worth it, we are just getting started and probably don’t need that level of caliber yet. Feel free to correct me – I am here to learn! I remember Robert Kiyosaki saying to pay your accountants and lawyers well!
  2. 2. Does anyone know good Real Estate lawyers in Oregon and in other states, and also good lawyers in Oregon to help with Estate Planning and Trusts?

A little more background info:

I have read some of Brandon’s books and watched some of his webinars and podcasts. Wow, I have so much to learn! I am reading Rich Dad Poor Dad now. I have also started reading some of the Rich Dad Advisor books. How wonderful that successful people are helping us and teaching us how to invest in Real Estate. 

I have been so impressed by what good teachers these authors are, and what valuable information they have. I am so excited and grateful! I also just signed up for the Bigger Pockets Rookie Bootcamp Fall 2021. Maybe I will “See” some of you there?

Thanks in advance for any help!  Looking forward to collaborating with you to create success for all of us, and win-win situations for tenants, sellers, and all involved in or affected by our investing and our transactions and businesses.

Best, Marian

Hey @Marian Fine I know a good lawyer that can help you set up a business entity to own your properties in for asset protection. She has been doing this for real estate investors for over 15 years. 

I am happy to connect you.