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Hello, I am new to real estate investing and I am using direct mail as a way to get potential off market deals. This is my current mailer template. Let me know what you think, any constructive criticism is appreciated!

@Arthur Toma

A potential solution to look at Ballpoint Marketing. They are able to produce hand written letters, notes, etc on a larger scale. They have a deep product line to give you a bit of variance as well. Most importantly, members of their team have experience in the real estate investment space, so they understand use cases, needs and the challenges that come along with direct mail. Best of luck. 

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This is all boiler plate. You don't even have the address in there. You are saying this is not mass marketing and it clearly is. What are you telling them about yourself and your ability to buy other than that you are a local investor? Are you? How many homes have you bought in the area? What's your funding source? Are you open to closing quickly or waiting on them? Who are your targets of these letters and if it's anyone then this is not hitting home with anyone. This is just hi, I want to buy your house and I am pretending it's personal, but it's not.

@Arthur Toma

By saying "I am a serious buyer" it, ironically, makes them wonder if you are a serious buyer.

By saying "this is not a mass mailer" it, also ironically, makes it feel like a mass mailer.

Only include the appropriate neighborhood for the house you are sending it to and include one specific thing about their property (square footage, number of bedrooms, size of garage, etc.) to let them know you know at least something about their property. Make a spreadsheet if you need to.

Good luck with it! I hope you'll share your success/learnings with me after you've sent these out!

@Jonathan Greene

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your feedback, I can see how including how and when I intend to buy the property would help get the point across that I am a credible investor. I will be sure to include those suggestions in the next revision of the mailer

@Sam Smith

Hey Sam, Thank you for the feedback. I can see your point that there are better ways to get the point across that I am a credible investor, @Jonathan Greene mentioned some points that I can include to convey that message. I also agree that putting the whole mailing address in the body of the letter didn't exactly feel right. In the future I will try just the street address and something about the house.

Still early, I have sent 171 mailers. I have had 2 leads, for one the numbers did not work and the other chose to sell to zillow instead

@Arthur Toma

Interesting and thanks for sharing your experience so far! 

One thought I have is that if your leads decide to sell on zillow in the future, you might let a local real estate agent who is also an investor in your area know, just in case they want to take a crack at convincing them to sell the traditional route. This might incentivize the realtor to give you a break on listing fees for one of your properties in the future or bring you in on a deal or two.

Might not work, but just trying to think of ways to make lemonade out of some lemons.

Good luck with it!